Aleph Champ

Aleph Champ is a karate motivated Hebrew reading system that follows the age old, tradicional mesorah.

How It Works

Clearly breaks down Hebrew reading into manageable goals and levels.

Allows for multiple levels of student within one classroom.

Identifies students reading skills, and areas of difficulty for staff and parents

Success alone is the motivation. Students are personally inspired to advance.


We learn from Kabbalah that the Aleph Bet is not like other alphabets.
Each letter has depth and meaning of its own and learning the letters themselves are the goal since each letter is so holy.
Because the Aleph bet is so holy, we have a specific guide for how to teach it. Following this method illuminates the child’s soul and imbues a sensitivity to spirituality.
We are proud to have developed a complete Hebrew reading program that follows the method that is set out by our Sages.

Karate Inspiration

What do Karate and Hebrew Reading have in common you ask?
Karate is a traditional art that is divided into ten colored levels. Moving up a level is a proof of hard work and determination and is therefore a source of pride.  
Aleph Champ takes inspiration from Karate and divides Hebrew reading skills  into 10 colored levels. There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals. Moving up a level is Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students and this makes them self motivated to succeed. Self motivated studnets is a quality that is unique to the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program.


The Levels

First 19 א״ב Letters

Stripe 1: א-ו

Stripe 2: ז-ך

Stripe 3: ל-ן

Last 13 א״ב Letters

Stripe 1: ס-ף

Stripe 2: צ-ר

Stripe 3: ש-ת

The First 3 Vowels 

Stripe 1: Kamatz - דג

Stripe 2: Patach - חג

Stripe 3: Tzeireh - אמן

The Next 3 Vowels

Stripe 1: Segol - שמש

Stripe 2: Shva - ילדה

Stripe 3: Cholam - שופר

The Last 3 Vowels

Stripe 1: Cheerik - מצוה

Stripe 2: Koobutz - שלחן

Stripe 3: Shooruk - סדור

Exceptions to the Rule 

Stripe 1: משיח - מכנסי

Stripe 2: עבדיו - שירי

Stripe 3: אמרת - הללו

Prayer Practice
Stripe 1: 13 - 16 Words Per Minute
Stripe 2: 16 - 20 WPM
Stripe 3: 20 - 23 WPM

Prayer Practice
Stripe 1: 23 - 26 WPM
Stripe 2: 26 - 30 WPM
Stripe 3: 30 - 33 WPM

Holiday Prayers
Stripe 1: 33 - 36 WPM
Stripe 2: 36 - 40 WPM
Stripe 3: 40 - 43 WPM

Chumash Reading
Stripe 1: 43 - 46 WPM
Stripe 2: 46 - 50 WPM
Stripe 3: 50 - 53 WPM

Our Schools

Born in 2004, Aleph Champ has expanded across the globe.



 50,000 STUDENTS