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ACDS App & Licensing

In order to purchase Aleph Champ for your Day School, a one-time licensing fee is required. The fee is based on the amount of students using the program.


Licensing includes access to our App as well as all updates and downloads.


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  1. Licensing for 1-50 students

  2. Licensing for 51-100 students

  3. Licensing for 101-150 students

  4. Licensing for 151-200 students

ACDS App & Licensing


License Fee 1-50 Students


License Fee 51-100 Students


License Fee 101-150 Students


License Fee 150-200 Students


App Info:

The ACDS app is an incredible tool for teachers and directors, allowing you to track student progress and homework completion.

Student Tracking:

The app allows you to see where each student is at a glance: his or her color and stripe level and even what page he/she is up to in the Reader.


The app offers multiple graph views to get a clear and concise overview of the rate of progress of the entire class through the year.


While reading individually with each student, keep track of any reading errors by choosing the letter, vowel, rule, or other possible skills that student needs to work on.


Each Reader is broken down into a detailed list of Goals that allow you to keep track of which skills your students learned.


Mark homework as complete or incomplete each day or check back on previous days to see if students completed that day's homework.

Menu & Tools:

The app menu allows you easy access to your class info as well as tools like all 18 Readers, a detailed Goals Map, and one-click to

Student Tracking Cont'd:

More detailed information about each student's progress is readily available, as well as the ability to mark a page in the Reader as "complete" simply by clicking on the page number.

Reading Content:

The app includes the complete set of all 18 readers (9 spotted and 9 solid colored). Scroll through the pages or choose a page from the menu.


Teachers and directors can view and print multiple reports of individual or class progress, skills to work on, and homework completion. 


In the higher-level Readers, the students receive "badges" as they progress through the goals of each colored level.


Save time by using the app technology to inform parents and directors of student progress or stagnation.