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ACHomework Subscription

Aleph Champ is excited to re-introduce our Online Homework Websites.

$10 per student for the entire school year.

Subscription includes access to all of our readers (plus exclusive content with a minimum subscription of $50).

Based on trust. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Single Student Subscription for

  2. One subscription for your entire student body. For schools with more than 18 students.

  3. Single Student Subscription for

  4. One subscription for your entire student body. For schools with more than 18 students.

ACHomework Subscription


Single Student Hebrew School


Entire School Subscription HS


Single Student Day School


Entire School Subscription DS


The goal of our websites, (for Hebrew Schools) and (for Day Schools), was to create a crucial solution for educators to be able to work with their students virtually, whether be it over Zoom or assignment based.


All Readers for both curriculums, Day School and Hebrew School, are available to view on the websites.


Price: $10 per student or $180 for school


What are you paying for? 
Access to view PDF’s of all level Readers online (value of $55)


Bonus Content: Staff Resources (with minimum $50 purchase)
A. Exclusive Funsheets
B. Aleph Champ themed Zoom backgrounds
C. Games Graphics


Please note:
– These files are being provided as a resource due to the circumstances we are currently in.
– They are not to be printed or disseminated in any way, whatsoever.
– Doing so is a violation of Halacha and copyright.
– Your $10.00 subscription covers the Academic year of 5781, 2020-2021.
– Upon the completion of the school year, your subscription will have to be renewed.


If you have specific questions, you can email us at or message us via the question box on the site. We will be happy to help you!
The websites will be continuously updated and tweaked, so please bear with us.                                                                                                  We welcome and appreciate your feedback.