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Morah D’s Aleph Bet Curriculum


Morah D’s is your one-stop shop for teaching א״ב to pre-school aged children before they are ready to begin Aleph Champ.

Lesson Plans include:
– Letter stories, songs & snacks
– Creative letter activities
– Hebrew Vocab Cards
– Creative Shape Cards
– Student Scrapbook Pages

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  1. DOWNLOAD ONLY Teaching Aleph Bet through song, movement, creativity and language introduction. For ages 3-5 Created by: Devora Lewis Co-created by: Chani Shemtov Compiled by: Chaya Mushka Fajnland Layout and Production by: Aleph Champ

Morah D’s Aleph Bet Curriculum


Morah D's Aleph Bet Curriculum, Morah D Aleph Bet Curriculum