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ACDS Teacher Package

The Aleph Champ Day School Teacher Package is a one-time purchase for your classroom


Includes your ACDS User Manual (chock full of instructions & ideas to ensure success), Multiple Downloads, Flashcards, Posters, Game Boards and more…


Purchase one for each classroom. Scroll down for images and details.

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ACDS Teacher Package


ACDS Teacher Package, ACDS Teacher Package

Every Teacher Package Includes the Following:

User Manual

This is your essential Aleph Champ guide to help set up and execute Aleph Champ successfully

Materials to print for the classroom

~ Large Aleph Beis outlined
~ Large Vowels outlined
~ Large Aleph Beis filled in
~ Large Vowels filled in
~ Avery Label Letters
~ Smiley Mat - A"B
~ Smiley Mat - A"B & Vowels
~ A"B time sheet
~ "I have this, you have that" cards

~ Flashcards per level

~ Any docs created for the ACCC

~ Book of all Chazzarah Pages

1 Necklace + 1 Set of  Solid Medallions

A full solid necklace set for the teacher to model the goal of becoming a Solid Back Champ

6 Sets A”B Flash Cards

32 Letter Cards and 10 Vowel Cards.

Each Aleph Bet Flashcard works to stamp the Hebrew letters in the beginner Aleph Champ’s memory, ensuring that he retains these vital building blocks.

Game Boards

4 types of Game Boards that can be played at the same time by multiple students on their individual levels.


~ Tic tac toe

~ Dots

~ Trouble

~ Connect four

Medallion Poster

Welcome your students to Aleph Champ time with our 36×12 poster

BONUS Eye Charts

Our fabulous Eye Charts (not color coded according to levels) is an added resource for students to test for good eyesight while reviewing the basics.


Stick them up on the wall and put tape  – 10 feet away


12 x 18