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ACDS Student Package

Designed to take your student from Kindergarten/Pre-1A through Kriah fluency, our ACDS Student Package includes all student materials necessary to learn to read.


The Package will be used over a period of 2-4 years and is for one-time use.


Purchase one for each student. Scroll down for images and details.

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  1. Save $10 per student! Includes all 18 Readers and Medallions for a single student's complete Aleph Champ experience.

  2. Includes 9 Spotted Readers and 9 Spotted Medallions developed for a Pre-1A/Kindergarten student.

  3. Includes 9 Solid Readers and 9 Solid Medallions developed for a 1st Grade student.

ACDS Student Package


ACDS Units 1&2 Pack


ACDS Unit 1 Pack


ACDS Unit 2 Pack